Friday, 17 August 2012

Leisure Suit

Every Wednesday I have a ritual of visiting one of my favorite SF vintage shops, NO. They are group-curated and i can always find at least one or two perfect, wearable pieces to leave with. Key word being WEARABLE - it's easy here in San Francisco to find expensive statement pieces, semi-formal 50's and 60's dresses that leave you speechless but end up hanging in your closet waiting for the day when you have a semi-formal kind of life (baby, baby)...but finding great vintage pieces that are casual and EASY to wear on a daily basis, that isn't so easy, and it's why i love NO. this is every-day vintage at its best.

This past week i found one of my favorite NO finds ever. An amazing floral pantsuit romper, with ruffles and drawstring waist and harem pant legs in the softest comfy it feels (and kind of looks) like the best way possible. So perfect for our sunny-but-breezy SF summer days. I may never take it off!

yeah, you like those fancy photobooth pics, don't you! (notice aforementioned "semi-formal" vintage dresses being put to good use....hanging on my bedroom wall)

also sporting my new FAVORITE nail polish color, an almost-white-yellow-green-cream called Glow Star by Floss Gloss...a post about this amazing new polish brand is in the works!


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  1. i'm actually desperately searching for one piece like this one you've got! there's no many comfy clothes in my closet though. i love this romper, totally would wear it!

    1. I actually found another one today that I'll be putting up for sale in my etsy shop soon!! I'll leave a link when i do, it's wonderful! and from looking at your style on your blog, i think you'd really look great in it!