Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Digital Love

if you want to know about a person, all you really need is their cell phone. a log of who they talk to, their daily plans, their to-do lists, and visual documentation of every meal they eat - all in one device. so since i'm still getting to know you, i figure that's a good place to start. specifically, with Instagram.

my Instagram feed is gratuitously vain and typical - it boils down to photos of me, my outfits, and my cat. and every once in a while, a couple of my stunning lady friends.

the last month or so of my life my face according to Instagram:

some things pictured above: my cat Boo, my new Karen Walker "Anytime"  sunglasses (i die)
my friend-twin, the biggest coffee i've ever drank (drunk?), lots of my face, and several outfits. along with my messy apartment which you will ignore...

a little persimmon


every time i get dressed, i have something like a story in my head. it starts with mood (do i feel rock'n'roll? ladylike? hyper-feminine? mod? 50's? etc) and then it proceeds to a color palette (brights? pastels? blacks? and rarely, neutrals) and eventually ends in a full outfit around which i have created a whole vignette in my little noggin. (are we seeing hints of the art school design process here? hmm, maybe school did rub off on me..). The silhouette of this outfit felt very ladylike, very Audrey and a little Godard, with the mid-calf length circle skirt and the fitted cropped top - but the stripes and the DIY denim gave it the rock'n'roll edge i feel a bit naked without. et voila - 60's french film meets audrey hepburn meets rock and roll. and of course, all topped with red-orange lipstick and a pair of black pumps. a lady is always a lady, after all. 

outfit details:
top: Amerian Apparel
skirt: American Apparel
jacket: DIY cropped denim
shoes: Chelsea Crew Pauline pumps
lipstick: MAC Lady Danger

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Get This Party Started

where do i start? this blog is a long time coming. i have been living and breathing fashion and vintage for as long as i can remember. I had a blog & etsy  a few years back (birdbaths, if anyone out there remembers) but they fell to the wayside when i graduated school. and i've always been loyal to live journal, but that's embarrassing so we'll stop talking about it.  WELL I'M BACK, BLOG-WORLD. and I have so much to share.