Tuesday, 31 July 2012

a little persimmon


every time i get dressed, i have something like a story in my head. it starts with mood (do i feel rock'n'roll? ladylike? hyper-feminine? mod? 50's? etc) and then it proceeds to a color palette (brights? pastels? blacks? and rarely, neutrals) and eventually ends in a full outfit around which i have created a whole vignette in my little noggin. (are we seeing hints of the art school design process here? hmm, maybe school did rub off on me..). The silhouette of this outfit felt very ladylike, very Audrey and a little Godard, with the mid-calf length circle skirt and the fitted cropped top - but the stripes and the DIY denim gave it the rock'n'roll edge i feel a bit naked without. et voila - 60's french film meets audrey hepburn meets rock and roll. and of course, all topped with red-orange lipstick and a pair of black pumps. a lady is always a lady, after all. 

outfit details:
top: Amerian Apparel
skirt: American Apparel
jacket: DIY cropped denim
shoes: Chelsea Crew Pauline pumps
lipstick: MAC Lady Danger


  1. Halloooooooo...!

    I'm adding you to my google reader <3

  2. So I want a story to go with the outfit! What did the lady who was all those things do think and feel that day?!