Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Digital Love

if you want to know about a person, all you really need is their cell phone. a log of who they talk to, their daily plans, their to-do lists, and visual documentation of every meal they eat - all in one device. so since i'm still getting to know you, i figure that's a good place to start. specifically, with Instagram.

my Instagram feed is gratuitously vain and typical - it boils down to photos of me, my outfits, and my cat. and every once in a while, a couple of my stunning lady friends.

the last month or so of my life my face according to Instagram:

some things pictured above: my cat Boo, my new Karen Walker "Anytime"  sunglasses (i die)
my friend-twin, the biggest coffee i've ever drank (drunk?), lots of my face, and several outfits. along with my messy apartment which you will ignore...


  1. You are fabulous and I am obsessed with your blog!It would be "a dirty shame" if you ever stopped posting.

    Ok... I apologize for that terrible joke, but seriously! I'm in love.

    1. aw thank you my dear! terrible jokes are always welcome here, haha