Sunday, 5 May 2013


I really enjoy taking photos on REAL film - i never have gotten the hang of digital cameras (not counting instagram, OBVI). I don't consider myself a photographer, mostly because a) i don't actually know anything about the mechanics of photography and therefore use only disposable and toy cameras, and b) it takes me about 6 months to finish a roll. 

this roll was no exception - it spans from last October, to just a couple of weeks ago. I just got it developed and the film i used, Fuji Superia, produces the most amazing colors. And the camera, a Lomo LC-A, is the only camera i've found that i like better than a trusty disposable. It's always fun getting a roll back after all that time and being surprised by the photos i took!


  1. I adore these pictures!!! I like disposable cameras even sometimes more than the other ones, that's why these captures take me in!

  2. nice blog

  3. wow I just found your blog, and I'm in love! Also I'm listening to the Twin Peaks soundtrack right now and it fits perfectly ♥️