Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Suite Life

It was a rainy night when I met photographer Hana Haley and her model, Lindsey, in the beautiful Westin St. Francis hotel. I've long admired Hana's beautiful 35mm film photography from afar - whimsical, gritty, feminine and haunting, her aesthetic and concepts lines up so well with my own. So I was immensely pleased and honored when Hana asked me to collaborate and style this shoot with her - I just knew it was a match made in pretty photo heaven. Miss Lindsey (the model) is, quite literally, an absolute doll (that hair! those lips!), wearing the clothes so well I almost just wanted her to take them all home. And there is just something about wandering in fancy hotels that has always held a huge place in my heart and imagination. Needless to say, helping with the creative process of this shoot was an absolute dream. 

The concept was essentially a young girl wandering alone in a fancy hotel - playing dress up, exploring...very 1960's teenage -dream, valley of the dolls, wes-anderson-heroin influences as far as the styling went. And it was such a thrill, once the photos were developed, to see the concept so perfectly realized. There will be plenty more collaborations between miss Hana and I in the near future, and I couldn't be more excited. 


  1. So glad I found your blog, this is the best!

  2. I think the concept looks beautiful. Love the dreamlike quality in many of these. And, yes, she does look like a living doll.