Monday, 7 January 2013


i am so, so, SO far delayed on catching this boat, i know...but I have recently been watching a lot of classic 1960's French films and have found myself caught up in the aesthetics and general immaculate perfection of French women in the mid 20th century. Women like Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour, Anna Karina in Un Femme Est Un Femme, Jean Seberg in Breathless. They all possess something timeless, charming, elegant and classy, regardless of the fact that many of their characters are of questionable employ or social standing. Something about the way they carry themselves, their perfect eyeliner and well-coiffed hair, the way they wear even the most simple ensemble with a feminine confidence and dignity that makes them irresistible - i guess you could say they have that certain je ne se qua that just seems to be lacking in society and fashion today. 

It makes me feel like all I need in my closet is a well-tailored coat (with a matching hat), sensible Ferragamo heels, and a classic sweater or two. For make-up, just a flick of liquid eyeliner and a perfect pink lip. Now I just need to figure out Catherine Deneuve's secret to her miraculous mane of hair and apparent immunity to aging...

If you haven't seen Godard's Un Femme Est Un Femme (A Woman is A Woman), RUN - don't walk - to your Netflix Streaming queue and do yourself a favor. It is hailed as his most original, unique work - which is certainly saying something. It is also the legendary gamine starlet Anna Karina's film debut. I dare you to watch this movie and not fall entirely in love with her, and her wardrobe. I've included just a couple screenshots of my favorite scenes/ensembles for your sartorial viewing pleasure (the blue dress with the white fur collar, cuffs and matching blue hair ribbon!!)

Do any of you have recommendations for more films along these lines? i can't get enough!


  1. Une Femme Est Une Femme is one of my favorites. I've seen it so many times that I feel like I should know French by now. Ahhhh love.

  2. i don't know, anna karina, tu est adorable, but i really didn't like un femme. i mean besides watching her face move, that is always nice, but the plot and dialogue and mov-ie i could have done without*. also, no bardot on your list?
    i mean she aged like a dog, seven years to one, but she had a beautiful face and fashion back When. did you leave her off because you don't want to support xenophobia, even from france?
    *i think breaking the fourth wall is funny but not funny enough to be redemption

    what would you suggest someone do a day in san francisco, or are there only the obvious tourist traps if someone would only spend A Day

  3. Hi Ashley, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award for bloggers, if you are interested you can follow it up from here, lovely blog by the way :)

    Alice x

  4. Godard's Le M├ępris is the quintessential Bardot vehicle, and much more interesting than Une Femme Est Une Femme I think!

  5. I was looking at some more recent photos of Deneuve and came across this quote. I think it may be very true. And, if we are talking about ageless beauty and not only in France, we need to discuss Sophia Loren and Dame Judi Dench! But, I digress, here for now is a quote relating to Kathryn Deneuve:
    And, if anyone defines and personifies the meaning those famous quotes, it is a woman I, myself, have long held as a personal style icon: Catherine Deneuve:

    "Deneuve’s style is truly eternal… it has spanned decades and defied the idea that only young woman have allure. She has aged gracefully and gorgeously, proving beyond doubt that women of any age can be beautiful, sexy and stylish… simply by being confident and embracing who they are. What a beautiful message in itself, non?

    A big reason why Deneuve has remained a style icon is because she not only embraces the changes that come with age, but she also understands that fashion is not something to which women should ever be a slave, but it is a flexible tool at their disposal to make them look and feel fabulous… if they use it correctly. What complements a young woman may accentuate the negatives for a mature woman. And, what looks amazing on a mature woman sometimes looks just silly on a teenager."