Friday, 1 February 2013

women who don't cry

You may remember a post from December about a shoot I styled for grainy-dreamy-film-photographer Hana Haley - and about a week ago I got another opportunity to work with her. Remember when I was watching all those French films and obsessing over Anna Karina? That was all research for a shoot Hana and I started planning after the success of our first. And last week our Francophile vision became a reality when we met up at Palace of the Fine Arts early on a cloudy morning. The model, Alyssa, is a 60's gamine starlet come to life (imagine a young Audrey Hepburn). The grey skies cast a perfect pallor on the wardrobe i had pulled, a wardrobe full of reds, blues, whites and grays - chic, simple and oh so french. A couple vintage umbrellas, a great tweed swing coat and my prized 1950's nurse's cape were highlights of my day as a stylist. Once again the photos turned out like a dream and i think it's safe to say, this is the start of something beautiful between Miss Hana and I...

see the rest of this shoot and more ON HANA'S SITE


  1. The colors are really lovely! Great job Ashley. XOXO

  2. It's the best shooting I've seen in 2013 for real!

  3. These are beyond amazing. AH! Love!