Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cartoon Punk

cartoon punk

So I'm pretty sure I mentioned my obsession with Ghost World very early on. By this point we are such good friends that I don't need to explain how often it comes up as a fashion/life/music reference in my life, (even as I approach 27 years of age and should be far, far past the teenage angst phase of my life...right?). So it is only natural that I was - and still am - totally hung up on Luella Bartley's nerd-cartoon-chic 2008 Spring/Summer RTW line: big chunky nerd glasses, 90's floral mini skirts, lace up combat boots, and cartoon bat t-shirts with little leather jackets. It was smart, it was sassy, it was feminine, it was humorous - a little bit Daria, a little bit Saturday morning cartoon, and basically 100% everything i've ever loved. So here I am 4 years later finding myself maybe a little gauche or passé, but still totally inspired by this look for Fall. Throw on a pair of thick knee socks and you've got the perfect outfit to get you through San Francisco's bipolar Autumn with a smile on your face.

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  1. Hands down her best collection. I wanted the batman logo print suit with every fiber of my being.