Monday, 26 November 2012

Skate or Die

I made a previous post about my crazy-talented friend Chantel Beam's photos, and mentioned how excited I was to work with her again. Well this weekend I was thrilled to get a chance to participate in one of her shoots. She took me, and some gorgeous friends of hers from Seattle, to these eerie abandoned bunkers on the far side of the Golden Gate bridge, where we got to see the amazing sunset drip its way down over the city's skyline. After the sun was down, we found ourselves at the city's sickest skate park taking photos in half pipes like it ain't no thang.

Compared to the last Chantel shoot i posted, these photos have a lot more grit - but still maintain her dreamy teenage runaway vibe, her playful sense of color, and her androgynous approach to fashion. I also adore that she lets the eccentric beauty of her friends/models shine through, rarely asking us to change anything about our hair or make-up other than providing some awesome LimeCrime lip colors to wear (I got to try the new dark green Serpentina! LUV). Here are some of the photos from the shoot the other day that came out especially rad. & be sure to check out more of Chantel's seriously amazing work on her flickr and website. I guarantee you this girl is going places.

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