Sunday, 18 November 2012


Europtrip Part II: Paris. I only spent 3 days there, but I got to see art (the Centre Pompidou) and sights (the Arches , the Champs D'elysee and Moulin Rouge) and shopping! 

the Moulin Rouge district

The Louvre - I only saw the outside :)

 the view from my balcony 

Warhol's Liz Taylor at the Centre Pompidou

self portrait with a neon light piece at the Centre Pompidou

more of the Pompidou...

A video projection by Man Ray 

the outside of the Centre Pompidou, which makes a person feel like a giant hamster 

i fell in love with the French underground. they have great ads, and it's so much less dirty that SF

YSL - no "Saint Laurent" here!

subtle, those Parisians.

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